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What makes us different

It is a simple process but not a simple choice. With so many delicious ranges of sweets we imagine you would love to have them all!
Once you’re redirected to our e-shop, and chosen your sweets you are ready to move to the next stage–->

It’s as simple as pressing the ‘’Order’’button
Then —–>
Dream about your delicious sweets for around 3 days. Then dream no more. They’re delivered. Enjoy!

We are specialists in Retro Sweets.  
We are offering rare types of confectionery such as Halal and Vegetarian.
We care about our customers.

Warning: Regular sweets
are not to be found here!

If you’re looking for ‘’sweets with personality’’ then you’re in the right place. Gummy strawberries, juicy wine gums, crunchy coconut teacakes and tablet are but a few.

Are you looking for some special sweets that you don’t seem to find anywhere?
Then browse our Halal and Vegetarian range and prepare to be amazed! And if you’re in a nostalgic mood then our Retro Sweets will bring the ‘’good old times’’ back to you.

Our sweets are delicious, but you don’t necessarily have to believe us! Try them, see for yourself and then let us know what you think. If you really don’t like them then we will give you your money back.

Ready for a Fantastic Sweets Experience? Then click here.

We wish to officially congratulate Robert Steel, our Prize Draw winner! The 25 bags of sweets are our Christmas present for you.

And get sweets for only £0.99 a bag (VAT & delivery included)