American Hard Gums

Why go to America? Let America come to you! Buy these gums and have the taste of America at home! A great treat for you, your family and your clients. Fruit flavoured, sugar coated gums.

Berry Bites

Missing autumn? Then these raspberry and blackberry gums will bring the autumn flavour back to you. Buy now!

Buy 6 bags (of 70g or 140g) at a great price!

Pontefract Cakes

What do these cakes have to do with the 17th century? Well, they've appeared around 1620 in Pontefract. You can imagine how delicious they are for being around for so long!

An authentic traditional sweet and a classic.
Buy 6 bags of these and get yourself today's best deal!

Dew Drops

Drops of colour from the sweets jar to you.

Toasted Teacakes

Coconut lovers could you imagine something tastier? Exactly. That's why we're offering these delicious sweets at a great price! Limited offer!

Fizzy Fish

Up for sweet and sour? Then here's one of our newest products- fizzy jelly fish (not jellyfish but if interested we might have a hint for you).

Mint Humbugs

These will give you the classic candy type feeling. So if you are missing the ''good old days'' just see what these black and white stripped candies with a refreshing minty taste can do for you!

Milk Bottles

Some people simply like jellies others like bottle- shaped jellies. So these are exclusively for the second group!Milk flavoured and chewy.

Coconut Mushrooms

Coconut lovers, if you can image something tastier than the Coconut Mushrooms, that probably that's the thing. Worthy of trying if you haven't tasted them before! At great prices!